AMD Confirms DDR5-6000 As Sweet Spot For Ryzen 7000 CPUs, Default FCLK at 1733 MHz & Best Results By Leaving It on Auto

Intel Z690 & B660 Motherboards Will Feature Support For Both AMD EXPO & XMP DDR5 Memory Kits 3

Over at AMD's Official Discord server, Technical Marketing Manager, Robert Hallock, confirmed some new details regarding Ryzen 7000's DDR5 Overclocking capabilities, Sweet Spot & best IF (Infinity Fabric) Ratios to achieve the balanced and best performance on the new AM5 platform.

AMD Ryzen 7000 Confirmed To Have DDR5-6000 Memory Sweet Spot, Best Results Come From Leaving Fabric Clock on Auto

In our coverage of the AMD EXPO technology, we stated how AMD's Ryzen 7000 CPUs will support native DDR5 memory speeds of 5200 Mbps and up to 6400 Mbps overclocking speeds. We also had previously reported that DDR5-6000 will be the sweet spot for AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs based on the Zen 4 core architecture using the EXPO technology. The DDR5-6000 memory kits that are optimized with EXPO support will offer the best performance with the lowest latency in a 1:1 FCLK mode.

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Now as per Robert, we now know that the default FCLK for AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs is set to 1733 MHz. Robert also states that memory overclocking is a little bit different with Ryzen 7000 since 1:1:1 (FCLK:UCLK:MCLK) isn't important anymore. It is mentioned that to achieve the best results, you should leave the FCLK to auto and overclock the memory modules and memory controller in 1:1 mode. There will be some corner cases where users will be able to get better performance results by hitting over 2 GHz FCLK speeds but those aren't a big priority, as AMD mentions.

At the native setting, DDR5-5200 will operate in a 2:1:1 mode or 1733:2600:2600 clock. Robert also confirmed something that we had stated early on that DDR5-6000 will "Roughly" the sweet spot & by sweet spot, he means the best compromise to cost/stability/performance/availability/ease. So as of right now, we have the following sweet spots as mentioned directly by AMD:

  • Ryzen 3000 "Zen 2" Sweet Spot - DDR4-3800 (Official AMD)
  • Ryzen 5000 "Zen 3" Sweet Spot - DDR4-4000 (Official AMD)
  • Ryzen 7000 "Zen 4" Sweet Spot - DDR5-6000 (Official AMD)

It is stated that DDR5-5200 C28 kits should go really well with Ryzen 7000 too as they are pretty fast but there aren't a lot of kits in those configurations available right now.

AMD's Robert Hallock responds to various queries regarding DDR5 support on AMD Ryzen 7000 & confirms DDR5-6000 as the sweet spot. (Credits: AMD Discord)

As Robert states:

The reason why we say "AUTO:1:1" is now ideal because the FCLK will automatically change depending on what memory speed is in the DIMM slots. There's no "one size fits all" ideal fabric frequency. For example: JEDEC 5300 fclk goes to 1767, 6000 RAM should go to 2000 fclk. Each memory speed has its own optimal fclk, which is why I'm gently guiding people to not worry about what the fclk is because it's going to change with RAM speed and the AUTO setting will usually give the most performant result unless you have an astonishing overclocker.

And "get the highest possible fclk" is no longer the rule like it was on AM4. In short.

In addition to these, MSI's in-house overclocker, TOPPC, has revealed that EXPO memory kits will be fully compatible with Intel XMP profiles. Simply put, Intel XMP memory can still support EXPO but it is worth it to have a EXPO-enabled kit to ensure the best possible profile for AMD's Ryzen 7000 CPU lineup.

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As for the first EXPO products, AMD announced that their memory partners such as ADATA, Corsair, GeIL, G.Skill, and Kingston, will have a total of 15 kits at launch with speeds of up to DDR5-6400. The native speeds will be rated at:

  • 1x1R - 5200 MT/s
  • 1x2R - 5200 MT/s
  • 2x1R - 3600 MT/s
  • 2x2R - 3600 MT/s

The AMD EXPO DDR5 memory kits will launch alongside the Ryzen 7000 Desktop CPUs and AM5 motherboards on the 27th of September.

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