Energizer Power Max P18K Pop Is a Smartphone With an 18000mAh Battery; It’s the Size of a Brick, but There’s No Audio Jack

Omar Sohail

Battery technology hasn’t substantially improved in the last few years which means including a bigger battery inside a smartphone looks to be the only course of action, with the inherent drawback being increased weight and thickness. This is a trade-off most manufacturers avoid and currently most high-end devices come with a battery with a capacity of around 4000mAh-5000mAh. However, Energizer has now pushed the envelope on battery capacity and the end result is slightly off-putting for those that don’t prefer handsets that resemble bricks.

The Energizer Power Max P18K Pop Can Unsurprisingly Charge a Smartphone but Its Price Tag Doesn’t Add up in Comparison to Its Specifications

Energizer took the wraps off its Power Max P18K Pop during the MWC 2019 trade show. The phone has a 18000mAh battery and looks almost triple the size of an average smartphone. The company says that on a single charge, which can take up to nine hours, the phone offers 50 days of standby time or 200 hours of video playback. It also supports fast charging. The phone is 18mm thick and needless to say, it’s massive.

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The Power Max P18K Pop offers unimpressive specifications compared to the flagship announced at MWC 2019. It is by MediaTek Helio P70 which is nothing compared to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855, and flanked by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory is decent, but nothing out of the ordinary. The phone sports a 6.2-inch LCD screen with bezels. At the back, it has a triple camera system with one 12MP sensor, one 5MP lens, and one 2MP shooter.


A notable feature is its elevating selfie camera system which consists of one 16MP sensor and a 2MP lens. The phone also has a fingerprint reader mounted on the side and offers dual SIM support. Thankfully, the phone will ship with Android 9 Pie and not a previously released firmware. The disadvantage coupled with its enormous weight and thickness is the price; at 599 euros ($680 when using direct currency conversion), it isn’t the cheapest device to be powered by a MediaTek SoC.

To be honest, we don’t recall seeing any smartphone powered by MediaTek silicon being this expensive, so it looks like Energizer wants to capitalize on the opportunity by outfitting the device with a ‘larger than life’ battery. Release date is during the month of June, and it is not known if the phone will be launched in the U.S. From the looks of it, the Power Max P18K Pop will most likely be marketed as a niche device for those looking for a longer battery life and won’t complain about its excessive bulk and bulge combo.

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