How to Enable / Disable the Handwriting Keyboard in iOS 10 Messages App

handwriting keyboard

Here's how you can enable or disable the handwriting keyboard in iOS 10 Messages app running on iPhone or iPad.

Handwriting Keyboard is Great, But Can Get Annoying - Here's How to Enable or Disable it in Messages

iOS 10 is a great update, but certain features can get in the way of the user. One of those features lies inside the Messages app. As you are typing in a thread, and you turn your smartphone to landscape mode, you will see a canvas to type a message using your finger, or stylus, if you fancy one of those. While that's great and all, but at times, you want to type in landscape using the keyboard only, not anything else. In today's guide, we will show you how you can enable or disable the handwriting keyboard on the fly.

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The handwriting keyboard is enabled by default. Simply move your phone in the landscape position to view it. Make sure the orientation lock is disabled while doing so.

1. Launch the Messages app and open up any thread and bring up the keyboard.

2. Tilt your iPhone to the landscape position, revealing the handwriting keyboard.

3. See that little 'keyboard' button on the bottom right hand corner? Tap on it. You will now see the regular keyboard. Moving your phone between portrait and landscape modes will now show you the regular keyboard, just the way it should be.

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If, for some reason, you want to view the handwriting keyboard - simply go into landscape mode, bring up the keyboard, then tap on the handwriting button on the bottom right hand corner. It'll bring up the handwriting keyboard again.

There are lot of users out there that fancy Apple's new handwriting input method. But it just doesn't cut the mustard in a lot of use cases. It's best to keep the feature disabled until you absolutely need to use it.

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