How to Send Text Effects and Celebrations in iOS 10 Messages App


Here's how you can send text effects and celebrations using iOS 10 Messages app. It's a great way to share what you are feeling.

iOS 10 Messages App is Powerful - Lets You Send Text Effects & Great Looking Celebration Animations

iOS 10 focusses a lot on messaging, and that is fairly evident if you go through Apple's marketing material on its website. Now, if you're absolutely brand new to the world of iOS, then there's a chance you might not find the key new advertised iOS 10 messaging features immediately. But we are here to make everything as simple as possible, and show our readers how they can send those brand spanking new text effects and celebration animations to others using iOS 10 Messages app.

The only prerequisite you need to fulfill is have iOS 10 installed on your device. Nothing else.


Pick up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and do exactly as we say.

1. Launch the Messages app and open a new iMessage thread.

2. Type anything at all and do not press the 'send' button just yet.

3. If you have a 3D Touch enabled device then deep press on the 'send' button. This will take you to a new page. If you have an older device then simply press and hold the 'send' button till you're taken to a new 'Send with effect' page.

4. Under the 'Bubble' tab you can select the effect you want to send the text string with. Tap on the 'Screen' tab to select the screen effect you want to send out.

5. Once you've made your choice, tap on the blue 'send' button to confirm everything and send it away to the other user.

As soon as the other party opens your message, it'll be a small party on the display. Cool, isn't it?

This feature alone in iOS 10 is worthy of an upgrade. But, there is one problem - the celebration animations are very limited and we wish Apple allowed third-party developers to create more. After all, Apple did launch the iMessage App Store, so why not open up a little more to developers, right?

Wrap Up

There are hundreds of features in iOS 10 that are waiting to be discovered. But we will, of course, highlight the best ones for you that are going to enhance your experience on a day to day basis. Meanwhile, do practice with the above tutorial to turn yourself into a messaging expert.

Let us know in the comments section below what you think about today's guide.