How To Enable Data Saver Mode In Android 7.0 Nougat


Here's how you can enable Data Saver mode in Android 7.0 Nougat and cut down your cellular bill.

Enable Data Saver Mode In Android 7.0 Nougat To Cut Down Cellular Bill & Save Battery Life

1. Launch the Settings app by pulling down on the notifications shade and tapping on the little cogwheel button on the top right hand corner.

2. Under the 'Wireless & networks' section there's an entry labelled 'Data usage.' Tap on it.

3. You'll see a bunch of options here pertaining to cellular data. Tap on 'Data Saver.'

4. See the toggle switch? Tap to turn it ON.

Why Do You Need Data Saver Mode?

As obvious it may seem, we rely a lot on cellular data these days since the majority of us now carry smartphones in our pockets. Despite the uptake of smartphones at a rampant pace, cellular data hasn't seen much decline in price. Therefore we take every measure there is in the book to limit our cellular data usage. In fact, different manufacturers have been baking in a 'Data Saver' mode of some kind in their own software as well to help preserve some cost. Thankfully however, Google realizes how important saving data is, therefore it has baked Data Saver mode in Android 7.0 Nougat as well.

Turning on the feature will start limiting access to apps in the background, saving you a lot of data as well as battery life. For instance, an app like Twitter won't refresh itself in the background until or unless you explicitly launch it yourself and interact with it. In other words - you need this feature enabled if saving data is key when you're out and about. Besides, we install tons of apps and games unknowingly from the Google Play hub that can end up using data in the background, therefore this feature is a great way to hammer things down a little.

Wrap Up

It's rather surprising how much you can end up saving on the data front when the above feature is turned on. While at the same time you inadvertently end up saving a lot of battery life on your device as well. But the only downside of having this feature enabled is that background app refresh will cease to happen, forcing you to load the entire thing from scratch.

But of course, we're certain you knew that downside. Give yourself a thumbs up if you ended up saving a lot of data with the feature turned on.

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