Embrace the Dongle Life: Apple Stops Selling 2015 MacBook Pro, Entire Lineup Now Thunderbolt 3 Only


Apple has delisted the 2015 MacBook Pro which it was selling alongside the newer Thunderbolt 3-only MacBook Pro models.

From Here on in, You'll Need a Dongle or Ditch the MacBook Pro Lineup Altogether if You Need Full Array of Ports Out of the Box

Needless to say that Apple made a 'courageous' move ditching USB-A ports altogether on its notebook lineup when it announced the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Thunderbolt 3. But of course, Apple wasn't too harsh right out of the gate as it was selling the 2015 MacBook Pro alongside its pro lineup of notebooks. Basically, what that meant was, if you wanted something that had a complete array of ports, including USB 3, an SD card slot and more, then the 2015 model was the way to go. Obviously the 2015 model was slightly slower compared to the newer models, but we knew that the aging machine wasn't going to stick around for a long time.

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2015 macbook pro

Today, alongside the announcement of the 2018 MacBook Pro, Apple has ditched the 2015 MacBook Pro altogether. This means that the entire lineup of pro notebooks from Apple features Thunderbolt 3 ports only. Or to put it more harshly, you're going to need a dongle if you are planning on upgrading your notebook straight from Apple itself.

Now that the 2015 notebook is gone, Apple is selling the new 2018 models with the previous 2017 ones. On the flip-side, this isn't bad news as a whole. See, since Apple is no longer selling the 2015 MacBook Pro, this in turn means that it will see severe price drops on places like eBay, B&H, Amazon and others.

Whenever a new deal pops up on the older MacBook Pro model, we will definitely share it with our readers. In the meantime, feel free to explore Apple's new lineup that packs an unnecessary amount of firepower under the hood for something as small as a portable computer.