2015 MacBook Pro vs 2014 MacBook Pro – Buying Guide

People who wish to buy a new MacBook Pro should consider comparing the two models, 2014 MacBook and 2015 MacBook. You must know the key differences before you make a choice which is always important to know before a purchase.

In Apple's recent event on March 9, a new 12-Inch MacBook was introduced along with a MacBook Pro update. One cant simply tell the difference between the older MacBook Pro and the 2015 upgraded version, but the changes are made for sure. Even though the overall design of the MacBook Pro remains the same, Apple introduced a Force Touch TrackPad and boosted the internals. Lets look into some detail of the two MacBook Pro models, 2014 and 2015.

Upgraded Processor

There was a sight increase in the processor speed of the MacBook Pro from 2.6GHz present in the 2014 model, to 2.7GHz of the present 2015 model. This was the only performance upgrade added in the 2015 variant of the MacBook Pro. Another variation that Apple made in the 2015 model is the use of Broadwell Chips instead of Haswell, this means you get more efficiency in power consumption. Your battery is boosted significantly however Apple has yet not changed the 10 hour mark which was for the 2014 MacBook Pro model. Other then chips, there has also been a slight boost in the graphics department because Apple has replaced the older graphic card with an Intel HD Graphics 6100. The remaining specifications are the same and no other performance enhancers have been added.

Force Touch Trackpad

The new Force Touch Trackpad has been added in the 2015 model of the MacBook Pro which has characteristics different from that of its previous 2014 model. Yes! the new trackpad is now pressure sensitive from where it got its name from.

The glass top on the trackpad remains the same, albeit you can now click at any point unlike the previous version of the MacBook Pro. The pressure sensitivity has new operations and integrate with Apple's new OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 perfectly to utilize its full capacity. How does the force click work you ask us? You can have different operations on the same button with variations in your pressure to the trackpad. For instance, force clicking on finder would reveal all of its internal components. Developers will obviously take advantage of the new technology, integrating it to many third party or stock apps to open a new dimension of operations that can be performed on a single button.

Now Is The Right Time To Buy

Apple introduced a new MacBook on its Spring Forward event which is definitely a milestone for the Cupertino giant considering the amazing design with an immense portability aspect. Even though the MacBook is not yet capable of beating MacBook Pro, but who knows what Apple might have in store for us. Hence, now maybe the best time to buy a new MacBook Pro.

We have a pattern here which suggests that the MacBook Pro could merge with the new MacBook giving the old one a piece of its own. So you might as well buy now and avoid the upcoming change which can alter the complete design - possibilities.

Talking about specifications and different variant models, the new MacBook introduced cannot be quoted as a power house. Its only 1.1GHz with an Intel Core M processor series, equivalent or lesser than the performance of a Core i3. It has 8GB RAM and 256GB of internal flash storage with Intel 5300 Graphics. Three colors are announced namely silver, space grey and gold. The base line model comes in a hefty $1299 price. So do compare before buying any and choose the one which meets your requirement. For more news, reviews and rumors, do stick around.

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