Elon Musk’s Mars Colonization Announcement Is About To Start and Looks Like He Will Have A lot To Say.


Elon Musk is a name known worldwide and his ideas and his aims are known to be both eccentric and mesmerizing. Today he will finally tell the world how he will chase his ambition and his dream that has been the basis of all his commercial spaceflight accomplishments. How to colonize Mars; this is something that he has been working towards for a very long time now and today he will finally tell us how. Musk will be making an hour long speech at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajaram Mexico. He is expected to talk about his plans for making humans a multi-planetary species and the event in scheduled for 2:30 PM ET. This speech is hopefully going to provide us with valuable insight into the workings of the great Elon Musk’s mystery mind and his plans for our future.

Musk’s exciting ideas

His ideas were not all mysterious. He did give us some hints as to how this particular vision is planned and how it is supposed to work. We are aware of the key pieces of hardware involved in the mission to colonize mars includes a massive rocket and spaceship that will transport passengers and cargo. On Sunday might, Musk also gave us a little insight into the engine that these vehicles will be using. This engine is being referred to as the ‘Raptor’, even the name sounds pretty majestic. SpaceX only very recently conducted a full-fledged test for this new engine and is expected that this particular piece of engineering will be as powerful as one of the main engines that is responsible for powering the Space Shuttle. If everything goes according to plan, then multiple such engines will successfully propel the first SpaceX settlers to Mars.

mars mission

Questions and some more questions

Well all this sounds all nice and exciting, right? Let’s not forget that colonizing another planet will take loads more than just rocket engines and spaceships. We still have no idea about the habitats and how the health of humans will be in this environment. The prospects are no doubt very exciting but the space is a very harsh environment and humans aren’t used to such conditions. It would be very hard to keep the people safe, both on their way to the planet and when they reach the planet. Ensuring these things will involve a lot of technology and many of these problems haven’t been solved yet. This is all going to be pretty expensive so how will this entire project be funded? SpaceX is very well known for its low launch costs but there is no way to ensure that a full-fledged colonization process is going to be cheap.
Well, we may have a lot of questions but we just have to wait for what Musk has to say and then no doubt raise more questions later.