Elite Dangerous: Horizons Exits Beta Next Week, Launches December 15th


Elite: Dangerous' first official expansion, Horizons, is exiting beta next week and will officially launch on December 15th.

Horizons is just over the horizon.

For those that have thought that Elite: Dangerous lacked a little bit more depth than they might like might be interesting in Elite Dangerous: Horizons because it adds a surprising amount of variety. You'll be able to land on planets, exploit them for resources and race around the planetary surface.

This is only the beginning of a new set of expansions that Frontier Developments is going to be bringing to Elite: Dangerous. In the future you'll be able to loot and craft items, enjoy multicrew missions in your larger ships, create a personalized commander, launch fighters from your larger ships and even more. The criticism of the lack of depth has been heard, and there's more content to keep you busy coming.

We took a look at Elite Dangerous: Horizons and found that while it won't convince the most die-hard of naysayers, it does at least show the direction that Elite is headed, which is a more interactive and varied experience. It certainly makes it a compelling space-sim to watch, if anything.