The Elder Scrolls: Legends Brings Back the Chaos Arena


The Prince of Madness is at it again. Bethesda Softworks just announced that the Chaos Arena will be returning to The Elder Scrolls: Legends later this month. Starting this Friday, the Chaos Arena will be a reoccurring event to Legends every month, providing a new mixed-up set of rules.

It will toss in one or more special scenarios; for example, players might get extra Magicka or force players to swap decks at the beginning of a match. Think of it as something close to Tavern Brawls in Blizzard's Hearthstone.

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Here are just some of the odd modes coming to appear in The Elder Scrolls: Legends' Chaos Mode:

  • Hero’s Call – Before the game, shuffle three unique creatures into each player’s deck
  • Your Own Worst Enemy – Players switch decks at the start of the game
  • Sheogorath’s Game – Both players start with Wabbajack
  • On a Roll – Players start with a Sweet Roll in each lane
  • Power Unleashed – Players start with 3 additional Magicka
  • To the Death! – Player one starts with a Gladiator Arena in play
  • Spawning Pool – Both players start with a Slaughterfish in different lanes
  • Zoo – When you summon a creature in this lane, transform it into a random animal
  • Flanking Lane – When a creature is summoned in this lane, give friendly creatures in the other lane +1/+0

Bethesda Softworks also announced that the Madhouse Collection will be out alongside Chaos Arena. Most of the cards will be themed after the Prince of Madness's Daedric realm. There are even cards to help that'll open up brand-new strategies for battle. One card that was highlighted in a post by Bethesda was the Gardener of Swords which lets you equip a copy of an item played to another creature.

The Madhouse Collection is available now for $9.99 or for in-game currency. The card packs will include:

  • 1 legendary card
  • 2 epic cards
  • 6 rare cards
  • 1 common card

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is out now on PC and mobile platforms. You can read Francesco's hands-on preview right here.