Elden Ring Closed Beta Comparison Video Highlight Better Optimization, Shadows and Load Times on PlayStation 5

Elden Ring

A new Elden Ring comparison video has been shared online, putting the current generation versions of closed network test side by side.

The video, shared on YouTube by ElAnalistaDeBits, highlights how the PlayStation 5 version ran the best, with better performance and optimization, higher shadows quality, and faster load times. All three versions, however, don't really run all that well due to the unlocked frame rate that leads to wild swings in performance. This shouldn't be too worrying, however, considering the game is still a few months away from release.

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All three versions of the Elden Ring beta offer two display modes. Quality mode locks the resolution at 2160p on PS5/SX and 1440p on SS. It also increases the quality of the shadows.
The different shades of color and light between versions are due to the constant and random change of the weather. They all use the same general tonality.
Lower quality of textures and shadows, and less amount of vegetation in Series S.
The framerate is unlocked on all 3 platforms. This results in a rather uneven fps rate.
PS5 has a more stable framerate than Series X, but neither is it stable. S series does not exceed 45fps in any mode.
The draw distance is the same on all 3 consoles except for the shadows. In Series S, its distance is smaller.
PS5 seems to have better shadows in the distance in quality mode compared to Series X.
All 3 platforms use SSR reflections of a similar quality.
Faster loading times on PS5.
In general, the beta is better optimized on PS5 (mainly because of its framerate). We will have to wait until February to see the final result.

ElAnalistaDeBits also shared a video comparing the Elden Ring beta on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 Pro, and base PlayStation 4. You can check it out below.

Elden Ring launches on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X and Xbox One on February 25th.

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