EK Water Blocks become the First to Support De-Lidded AMD APUs – Should be Perfect for Kaveri Overclocking

It seems that putting a water loop on the processor is just not enough anymore, because if you are trying to squeeze that last stretch of megahertz out of your APU then de-lidding is the way to go. Although i never went the de-lidded way, there are enthusiasts out there that demand a good cooling solution for their nude APUs. And EK has finally answered with a first of its kind and innovative mount.

EK Water Blocks Introduces EK-Supremacy PreciseMount Add-On Naked APU for AMD A-Series Processors

EK Water Block has introduced the EK-Supremacy PreciseMount Add-on Naked APU. This particular add on happens to be a first of its kind product. It covers all three generations of AMD APU namely Llano, Richland/Trinity and Kaveri. This add on is designed to upgrade the EK-Supremacy and should be ideal for people who already own the same and now want to delid their APUS. If you do not then you need to buy EK-Supremacy as well.EK Supremacy Nude AMD A Series Processor

The PreciseMount Naked-APU Addon is basically tool less and is designed to be a universal mount. However the screws of the EK-Supremacy must be replaced with the new Naked Ivy Screws enclosed with the upgrade (M4x16 DIN965). Ofcourse it goes without saying that De-Lidding an APU ie removing the IHS is avery delicate process. If you screw something up you cant hold EK liable, pretty standard stuff. It also lists a warning not to remove the IHS from the AMD AM3+ CPUs (Phenom II etc) which should be a no-brainer seeing the IHS is soldered on in these.

Interestingly overclocking Kaveri already achieves brilliant speeds of upto 4.7Ghz by just adjusting the vcore to 1.45 - 1.5v. Adjusting the Northbridge voltage to 1.2v allows the GPU to be overclocked from 720Mhz to 1020 Mhz. And all this with a Noctua fan cooler. A De-lidded one should reach 5Ghz easy depending on the ASIC quality and your skill.


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