Edge of Space Maneuver’s it’s Way Onto Steam, Out Now

Jeff Williams

Edge of Space, a very interesting looking 2D sandbox survival game has just been released on Steam today. A game just might pique your interest.

Scroll through, fighting wild beasts while trying to tame a savage landscape. In 2D no less.

So, what does this game have in it? An open-world, a large variety of ferocious creatures and a means to create your own base of operations from which you can attempt to master the harsh landscape that you've crashed upon. Of course you can have pets as companions that can assist you on your quest and even some interesting vehicles. That and the crafting system seems to be more than complete as well. You can create almost anything you can dream of.

The fascinating part is that it's all in 2D, a perspective usually reserved for side-scrolling adventures. Or certainly not of the sandbox open-world variety. Even isometric RPG's and other top-down 2D representations of an open-world are relatively limited in how you can approach them, so this one looks quite compelling.

It's currently $10.94 on Steam with a 27% discount. Quite frankly, despite the mixed reviews, the premise is different and could turn out to be a truly engaging game.

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