Eat at Burger King, Win a free Kinect!!


Burger King is no stranger, they are very popular fast food chain in the US which makes great burgers but today they are even more special. They are holding a contest so that a few of their customers can go home with Microsoft's brand new Motion Sensor toy called the "Microsoft Kinect" which as we all know is a controller free motion sensor, it's probably the second of its kind if you count PlayStation's EyeToy back for the PlayStation 2.

All you have to do is purchase a 30 oz or 40 oz cups, WHOOPER sandwich wraps and large FRYPOD containers. The code will be on one of these products which you then enter on their site and have a chance to win a Kinect Pack every 15 minutes everyday. The Kinect Pack includes an XBOX 360 console (Hard drive size not mention so it's probably a 4GB model), the Kinect, and 2 Kinect games.

The contest is of course only open to US residents and will go on till November the 28th, so if you are a gamer and needed a reason to eat out maybe you can use this as an excuse to save your self $299?

Source: BurgerKing