Earn Double XP For Halo 4 Before The Release


While Halo 4 may have been distributed among the masses and has already hit the internet with the games ISO circulating there is still a way for people waiting for the game to get the fullest experience on the launch date, specially marked Mountain Dew & Doritos will contain codes for Double XP in Halo 4 for you to use on the games launch date of November 6th! If you plan on being active in the multiplayer after beating the game's single player on Legendary (and we all know that is going to be a very small number) then the codes are definitely worth your while!

"Time to wake up, John". But first have some Mountain Dew and Doritos! Halo 4 brings back sugar rush and gaming!

Mountain Dew and Halo are back in a sweet combination yet again, the last team we saw such a team up was on the release of Halo 3 and that too the Dew cans and bottles were merely cosmetic items and didn't have any real rewards for you to redeem but this time eating Doritos and Drinking Dew can earn you double XP for the multiplayer of Halo 4! We all know that after the single player the multiplayer of all Halo games is where the fun of the party really begins. With Halo: Reach being such a successful multiplayer title on the XBOX 360 it will come as no surprise when Halo 4 will launch with its improved multiplayer experience to re-immerse players into yet another fantastic world of intergalactic combat, but with the added bonus of Double XP your kills will reward you double the XP giving you double the XP for the single gain! meaning you are literally killing two birds with one stone! (One kill = XP worth of two kills :D).

So if you are looking to have an advantage over your friends and / or foes I recommend you rush out and buy one of these bottles pronto! Otherwise you might be at a severe disadvantage at the launch of the game.