Early Black Friday 2018 Deal: LIFX Smart Bulb, Wemo Smart Plug For Just $10 Apiece [Limited Time Only]

Uzair Ghani

Black Friday means that you will be fulfilling your smart home deals for a price you had never imagined before. For example, you can get a smart bulb or a smart plug for just $10 apiece. What is this sorcery?!

Do You Own a Sonos or Amazon Echo? Then Grab the LIFX Smart Bulb or a Wemo Smart Plug for Just $10

Black Friday is going to unleash a world of surprises, ultimately allowing a lot of people to fulfill their tech wish list overnight. But if you are someone who just can't wait for the great deals to arrive then don't panic, you can utilize your saved money on the deals that lead up to the big day.

For example, for a limited time only, you can purchase a LIFX Mini Smart Bulb or a Wemo Mini Smart Plug for a price of just $10 if you use a special discount code at checkout. Now the interesting thing here is that these devices are completely compatible with Apple's HomeKit, Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa. Regardless of the home automation platform of choice, you are $10 away from adding something great to your ecosystem or just start fresh, depending on how you look at it.

All this is great, but there is a small catch to this offer. In order to avail the discount and get the products at a flat $10 price, you must have an Amazon Echo or a Sonos speaker connected with your Amazon account. Even if you don't, you can start off your smart speaker journey by picking up three Amazon Echo Dot speakers for just $69. This is a limited time offer therefore act fast.

Once you have sorted your smart speaker problem and linked everything to your account, then just head over to the link below to grab your LIFX Mini Smart Bulb and Wemo Mini Smart Plug. Remember, it's a limited time deal only so act fast!

Buy LIFX Mini Smart Bulb [Amazon link] - Was $25, Now just $10 using discount code SMART10
Buy Wemo Mini Smart Plug [Amazon link] - Was $28, Now just $10 using discount code SMART10

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