Early Black Friday 2018 Deal: Buy Three 3rd-Gen Echo Dot Smart Speakers for Just $23 Apiece [$69 Total Price]

Uzair Ghani
Echo Dot

If you're in the rush to get on the Black Friday bandwagon then Amazon has an early deal that will surely get you excited in many ways.

Grab Three 3rd-Generation Echo Dot Smart Speakers for a Price of Just $69

Regardless of the smart speaker you end up buying, we have to say, the Amazon Echo is probably the best out there when it comes to value and functionality. Amazon knows this as well that's why it keeps on pushing new updates to its hardware over time, making things as top-notch as possible.

Currently, if you wish to get on the Amazon Echo bandwagon, then it's obvious that you have to opt for the third-generation hardware which not only looks sleek but is faster and better in every way possible compared to previous iterations. Since this is the latest in the lineup therefore it commands a price tag of $49.95 if you buy one piece. However, once you throw the Black Friday equation into the mix then things start to get a little interesting.

Echo Dot

See, for a limited time only, and to build up hype for Black Friday, Amazon has discounted the Echo Dot (3rd-generation) to a measly price of just $23 apiece if you buy three of these bad boys together. This also means that you end up paying only $69 at checkout which would have been $150 if you were to buy this trio on a regular day.

Once you buy the Amazon Echo, you can either use it as a standalone assistant or power up your smart home if you have compatible Alexa hardware. For example, you can buy a LIFX bulb, pair it with your Echo Dot and just say 'Alexa, turn off the bedroom light' to keep things nice and automated. There are a ton of other things you can do such as setting up a timer, initiating a voice call with someone and a whole lot more.

If you are interested, you can pick up the three-pack from the link below. Just put three in the cart and you'll get the discount instantly.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd-Generation [Amazon link] - Was $49.95, Now just $23 in a 3-pack

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