EA Exec: SW Battlefront “May Not Have The Depth” For Hardcore Gamers


Star Wars Battlefront received a lot of criticism since its announcement, and now EA’s chief financial officer has admitted that the shooter might not be deep enough for Hardcore players.

Although the game is selling incredibly well, Star Wars Battlefront has received an enormous amount of criticism since it was announced. The absence of a single-player campaign, lack of content, and EA’s decision to release additional content through paid DLC, has put many fans in rant mode.

Battlefront may not be deep enough for hardcore players

Some might argue that the shooter from developer DICE was rushed because of the imminent release of upcoming hit-movie ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and judging from the game’s release date, this might well be the case. During the EA’s most recent earnings call, COO Peter More stated that the trailers surrounding the Star Wars movie, allowed EA “to be able to generate even more publicity for the game, as people start to anticipate the movie in mid-Dec”.

Speaking at the European Nasdaq Investor Conference, EA’s Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen, admitted that EA choose to design the shooter to be “much more accessible product to a wide age group”.

"Star Wars Battlefront is a first-person shooter, but it is one of the only teen-rated first-person shooters," Jorgensen added.

So, an 8-year-old could play with his father on the couch, as well as a teenager or 20-year-old could play the game and enjoy it. It is more accessible.

The CFO then admits that Battlefront may not be deep enough a game for hardcore gamers.

And for the hardcore, it may not have the depth that they wanted in the game.

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