EA Announce Deals with Promising Indies at E3 – These and More to Join EA Access


So it's E3, with EA going first and of course everybody is talking about the massive announcements around The Sims 4. I think one or two people have been talking about that Star Trek Wars game too. But I'm not fussed about that, what I'm interested in is EA expanding their offerings in indie titles, EA Originals, helping to release those titles that may otherwise have a harder time breaking through.

In this case, you have a trio of new titles that were all revealed after EA's E3 Presentation. First, you have Lost in Random by Zoink Games, developers of the excellent Fe. Lost in Random is described as a fantasy action-adventure that "brings a brand-new spin on the genre, in a blend of strategy and action that explores the notion of chance and possibility, set within a beautifully dark and vivid world".

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The second title to be announced is RustHeart, by Glowmade, the games debut title for consoles and PC after making the mobile game WonderWorlds. RustHeart is a co-op Action-RPG that "follows the player and their handmade robot sidekick as they adventure across a vibrant, alien multiverse". RustHeart is described as having a unique cooperative setting with a compelling mix of tactical action-roleplay gameplay, with "player invention and spray paint". What all of that means, I've no idea, but it's both confused and intrigued me.

Finally, there is an untitled game by Hazelight, developers of A Way Out. Much like their previous title, Hazelight is promising a game that will offer a "fresh take on the challenges of working together"

Matt Bilbey, EVP of Strategic Growth, had this to say regarding the new titles and the EA Originals programme:

We continue to connect innovative and creatively distinct new games from the best and boldest independent game makers to a global audience of players. We want to offer our players the broadest, highest quality content possible, with the best access possible. Whether you join us to play EA’s biggest franchises like Apex Legends, one of the more than 200 games available from more than 85 content partners in our Origin Access subscription, or for innovative EA Originals titles like A Way Out, we have something compelling to offer.

EA has also announced that these titles will join then EA Access subscription service, which is finally coming to the PS4. Alongside these titles, there will be a number of others, including the outstanding FrostPunk and Moonlighter by 11bit Studios, Pyre by SuperGiant Games and larger titles like Tropico 6 and Mutant Year Zero. These will join EA's own titles like FIFA and Battlefield.

To be frank, after EA's recent general performance it's nice to see them bring in some more indie titles because as it stands, the Originals programme is truly the best part about the company. Bringing in great quality indie titles will not only help to repair the image of EA following the myriad of recent controversies but it will also help to increase the value of the EA Access subscription.