E3 2014 Complete Schedule and Livestream Locations, Don’t Want to Keep You Waiting


E3 2014 Press Conference - Times and Event Schedule, June 9 - June 12

e3-2014-schedule-635x406E3 2014 is an essential time for a lot of people, if you are to be prepared then you should have to be ready from all angles. If you are as enthusiastic as I am about this years E3 you better start memorizing the schedule religiously.First of all, As always I want to give a huge thanks to generous and intellectual folks at NeoGaf forums for compiling such a comprehensive and structured schedule. All credits go to This Thread. Lets get the time table out of the way that tells you the time zone of the main conferences (Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA and Nintendo). Confused on the schdule? Head on over to the respective links below to find out your local timings:

Now lets move on to the hourly schedule taken from IGN: (Bet you can't count the number of "Secret E3 Game" instances). All times are PDT; the schedule may change without notice.

Monday 9th June

09:00a IGN's Microsoft Pre-Show
09:30a Microsoft Press Conference
12:00p EA Press Conference
02:30p IGN's Ubisoft Pre-Show
03:00p Ubisoft Press Conference
05:30p IGN's Sony Pre-Show
06:00p Sony Press Conference

Tuesday 10th June

08:30a IGN's Nintendo Pre-Show
12:00p Sunset Overdrive
12:20p Fable Legends
12:40p Killer Instinct Season 2
01:00p The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
01:20p Destiny
01:40p Secret E3 Game
02:00p Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
02:20p Secret E3 Game
02:40p Batman: Arkham Knight
03:00p Dragon Age: Inquisition
03:20p Secret E3 Game
04:20p Battlefield: Hardline
04:40p Secret Deep Silver Game
05:00p The Division
05:20p Civilization: Beyond Earth
06:00p Secret E3 Game
06:20p Secret E3 Game
06:40p Secret E3 Game

Wednesday 11th June

11:00a Secret E3 Game
11:20a Secret E3 Game
11:40a Secret E3 Game

12:00p Secret Deep Silver Game
12:20p Shadow of Mordor
12:50p Secret E3 Game
02:10p Secret E3 Game
02:40p Secret WB Game

03:00p Assassin's Creed Unity
03:20p Secret E3 Game
03:40p Secret E3 Game
04:00p Secret E3 Game
04:20p Secret E3 Game
04:40p Secret E3 Game

05:00p Project Spark
05:20p Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
05:40p Far Cry 4
06:00p The Crew
06:20p Secret Ubisoft Game
06:40p Secret E3 Game

Thursday 12th

11:00a Secret E3 Game
11:20a Lego Batman 3
11:40a Secret Crytek Game
12:00p Secret E3 Game
12:20p Secret E3 Game

12:40p EVE: Valykrie
02:10p Secret E3 Game
02:40p Secret E3 Game
03:00p Tales of Xilia 2
03:20p Secret E3 Game
03:40p Secret E3 Game

04:00p Lords of the Fallen
04:20p Arena of Fate
04:40p Hotline Miami 2
05:00p Secret E3 Game
05:20p Secret E3 Game

Lastly, lets get to where you can see the live streams for various shows. (This will be updated as soon as I confirm Twitch / YouTube / Ustream channels for each respective studio)

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