Dying Light’s ‘Drink Right’ Promo Hits a Home Run

Let this be a lesson, if you ask the Internet to do something funny, then you can count on hordes of hilarious content. Dying Light's campaign to parody Destiny's Red Bull promotion has been a source of many different hilarious photos.

Drink water, pose fort the camera, post a selfie on Twitter and get some free DLC for Dying Light.

Perhaps Techland didn't quite expect the response that they received after posting their call for submissions that rather clearly parody the newest Destiny Red Bull marketing campaign, but if you ask, ye shall receive.  All you had to do was post a picture of you drinking water with #DrinkRightDyingLight to receive some very real DLC that's actually useful. Take that Destiny, drink something actually healthy, and free, and get free stuff as a result. Just don't be the guy at the bottom, that might not be a good idea...

The promotion is still ongoing so post your selfie and get a weapon docket DLC just for doing something you should be doing anyway. Stay hydrated and stay safe out there.

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