Dying Light 2 Mod Adds Unofficial AMD FSR 2.0 Support for Massive IQ Improvements

Jul 1, 2022 08:08 EDT
Dying Light 2 FSR 2.0

A new Dying Light 2 mod that has been released online today introduces AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 support to the game developed by Techland.

The new mod works exactly like the Cyberpunk FSR 2.0 mod does, as it replaces NVIDIA DLSS with AMD's upscaling tech. Also, the game needs to run in DX12 Mode for the mod to work.

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Make sure that the game has the Renderer Mode set to D3D12 in the Advanced Video Settings.

Run the game and select one of the now-available DLSS Upscaling options in the Video settings:

  • DLSS, quality is FSR 2.0 Quality: Upscale by a factor of 1.5x
  • DLSS, balanced is FSR 2.0 Balanced: Upscale by a factor of 1.7x
  • DLSS, performance is FSR 2.0 Performance: Upscale by a factor of 2.0x

The Dying Light 2 AMD FSR 2.0 mod can be downloaded from GitHub or Nexus Mods. The creator warned users that it won't be as good as an official implementation, by the way, and minor issues like ghosting/smearing, lighter shadows, and lower resolution skybox textures should be expected.

Still, the improvements are massive when compared to the native FSR 1.0 implementation as you can see in the image comparison below.

Dying Light 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch worldwide. Learn more about the game by checking out Nathan's review.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is another exhilarating parkour and zombie-pummeling playground from Techland, although at times, the seams holding it all together are a bit obvious. Given the game’s glitches, minor gameplay annoyances, and crudely bisected story and world, reports of behind-the-scenes issues feel all-too-plausible. That said, the foundation here is rock solid, and Techland has proven they’re capable long-term builders, so I’m confident Dying Light 2’s embers can be stoked to a full flame in time.


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