Dying Light 2 Day 1 Patch Detailed, Techland Asks Those with Early Copies to Wait to Play


Dying Light 2 Stay Human doesn’t officially launch for a couple more days, but there are already early retail copies out in the wild. That isn’t terribly unusual, but Techland is taking a unique step, asking those with early copies not to play them until the game’s Day 1 patch arrives.

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As somebody who just reviewed Dying Light 2, it’s probably best to follow Techland’s advice. The game had a number of game-breaking, possibly progress-destroying, bugs that were addressed with various hotfixes throughout the review period. Those fixes will likely all be included in the full Day 1 patch, but won’t be included in the code you get on your disc, so proceed with caution.

On the subject of the Day 1 patch, Techland is promising “thousands of fixes and improvements,” but the following are the main issues you can expect to be addressed…

  • Fixed the Broadcast infinite respawn story block
  • Fix for dialogues that block story progression
  • Re-signing to the co-op session doesn't fail in case the user is logged in
  • Fixed crash when handing electrical parts to Carlos in Bazaar
  • Fixed problems with temporarily lowering the difficulty level - improved adaptive difficulty for AIs
  • Fixed crash caused by background renderer during the transition between menu and loading screens
  • Increased Wwise overall memory limit - fix for missing sounds and voice-over
  • Resolved problems with objects and AI sinking into the ground on a flat surface.
  • Fix for AI sometimes freezing/becoming immortal when the owner changes during death
  • Added protection against potential crashes.
  • Updates for ES, CH; DE intro.
  • Added missing game actions fixing occasional unresponsiveness.
  • Fixed Streamer Mode option which was not working properly.
  • Fixed crash on opening the secondary screen.
  • Fixed disconnecting co-op sessions after a certain amount of time.
  • And many more…

PC Specific:

  • DLSS enabled. Improved default DLSS sharpness.
  • Fixed the gamepad not being detected by the game before any movement or action is conducted using a keyboard or mouse.

Haven’t been keeping up with Dying Light 2? I found the game to be another fun parkour playground, if a bit rough around the edges, in my full review

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is another exhilarating parkour and zombie-pummeling playground from Techland, although at times, the seams holding it all together are a bit obvious. Given the game’s glitches, minor gameplay annoyances, and crudely bisected story and world, reports of behind-the-scenes issues feel all-too-plausible. That said, the foundation here is rock solid, and Techland has proven they’re capable long-term builders, so I’m confident Dying Light 2’s embers can be stoked to a full flame in time.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human leaps onto PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 on February 4. The console Day 1 patch will presumably arrive at the same time, while the PC game is being kept up to date in “real time.”

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