Dropbox Is Working On An Online Productivity App Code-named ‘Project Composer’


Dropbox is looking forward to diversify its plan to expand the productivity scene that it offers. Users are no longer limited to syncing and sharing files on a cloud storage but taking notes and saving them online has never been so easy. Reports suggest that Dropbox is on the verge to develop an application that is more productive in terms of note taking. The development process has been code-named as 'Project Composer'.

Dropbox's Project Composer competes against the likes of Evernote as it is integrated with HackPad which the company acquired a year back. HackPad enabled users to take notes at conferences, classes or any other place with a plain design and sophisticated UI. Now a new application appeared which looks like HackPad in design.

HackPad With Dropbox Integration Equals Composer With Amazing Topograpgy

The news was discovered by Product Hunt's user Maggie Bignell who described the application as, ''Really nice so far - some beautiful topography and very clean interface. It allows multiple people to work on a note. You can add tasks, images, dropbox files, tables all in line with your notes. It also prompts you to create a note for a meeting based on whats on your calender.''

These aspects of Composer makes it very closer to Evernote. However, the application is still in its beta stages and everyone is not authorized to download it except for developers. Adam Waxman shared a link to download the Project Composer application but a lot of users said that the application failed to download even when they signed in from their personal accounts.

Initially, the Composer application is hosted on the home domain of Dropbox and the term project refers to the Composer application in an underdeveloped stage for the time being. At first when you access the composer app, it requests you to sign in through your Dropbox account for authentication and to access all of your personal folders and files. Most of the users trying to access the Composer application passes the initial stage of authentication but later on an error message occurs which states: 'Sorry you're not allowed to use Notes right now.'

To be precise, the composer application resembles Evernote minus the Dropbox integration. The final date to release will be out soon and we hope it does make a mark in the productivity category. That's all for now share your thoughts in the comments below.