Driver Patch Reveals AMD Phoenix & Dragon Range APUs Stocked With RDNA 3 GPU

Jason R. Wilson
Driver Patch Reveals AMD Phoenix & Dragon Range APUs Stocked With RDNA 3 GPU 1

A driver patch discovered by Coelacanth-Dream hints that the Phoenix & Dragon Range APU lineup would feature the brand-new RDNA 3 GPU.

Linux kernel patch by AMD developer hints at Dragon Range and Phoenix APUs with RDNA 3 iGPUs onboard

A patch for the newest Linux kernel was recently uploaded to the main list by AMD engineer Yifan Zhang, showing support for integrated GPUs for the latest Dragon Range and Phoenix APUs from AMD, reports Coelacanth's Dream. The two new AMD processors with iGPUs are set to appear at CES 2023.

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The AMD Phoenix APUs, which are the Ryzen 7040 series, are focused on being used in several mid-range laptops. The power consumption is between 35 and 45W based on the newest Zen 4 architecture. It is speculated that the new Phoenix APU series will offer the RDNA 3 graphics architecture as per the recent patch, but we are still awaiting confirmation from AMD. Coelacanth's Dream explains that GC 11.0.4 (Dragon Range APU) in the current IP_VERSION shares a similar path as GC 11.0.1 (AMD Phoenix) — the latter being the same as the GFX1103 GPU.

11.0.0 gfx1100 (Navi31)1 AMDGPU_FAMILY_GC_11_0_0 (FAMILY_GFX1100) dGPU
11.0.1 gfx1103 AMDGPU_FAMILY_GC_11_0_2 (FAMILY_GFX1103) APU
11.0.2 gfx1102 (Navi32) AMDGPU_FAMILY_GC_11_0_0 (FAMILY_GFX1100) dGPU
11.0.3? gfx1101 (Navi33)? AMDGPU_FAMILY_GC_11_0_0 (FAMILY_GFX1100)? dGPU?

AMD's Dragon Range CPUs will fit in the Ryzen 7045 series, which is expected to be utilized in higher-end laptops for gamers and enthusiasts. This information is shown in the recently uploaded patch, stating that the APU series will support GFX1103. The AMD Dragon Range APU is also noted to support DDR5 memory.

Now the interesting part is that the Dragon Range APUs were thought to be derived from the Ryzen 7000 Desktop lineup which features Zen 4 and RDNA 2 cores but having RDNA 3 cores, albeit just 2 CUs, will still be a major improvement. This would also suggest that the Zen 4 silicon used by Dragon Range chips will not be the same as the desktop parts. We also recently had the first AMD Dragon Range CPU, the Ryzen 9 7845HX with 12 Zen 4 cores leak out, more on that here.

Unfortunately, a great deal of this can only be speculated due to the silent nature of business practices regarding unreleased products that are soon to be released. With AMD planning to launch the new RDNA 3 Radeon RX 7000 series graphics cards in December (December 13, 2022) and AMD AIB partners releasing their products up to two weeks afterward, the soonest that we may see the entire Dragon Range and Phoenix APUs during next year's CES.

AMD Ryzen 7000 Laptop CPU SKUs:

SKU NameCPU FamilyCPU ArchitectureCores / ThreadsBase / Boost ClockL3 CacheiGPU / ClockTDP
Ryzen 9 7845HXDragon RangeZen 412/24TBD64 MBAMD Radeon Graphics (2 CU RDNA 3)55W+
Ryzen 5 7640UPhoenix PointZen 46/12TBDTBDTBD15-28W
Ryzen 7 7730UBarcelo RefreshZen 38 / 16TBDTBDTBD15-28W
Ryzen 5 7530UBarcelo RefreshZen 36 / 122.0 / TBD GHz16 MB6 CU / TBD15-28W
Ryzen 5 7520UMendocinoZen 24/82.8 / 4.3 GHz4 MBRadeon 610M (RDNA 2 2 CU) @ 1.9 GHz8-15W
Ryzen 3 7420UMendocinoZen 24/82.4 / 4.1 GHz4 MBRadeon 610M (RDNA 2 2 CU) @ 1.9 GHz8-15W
Athlon Gold 7220U MendocinoZen 22 / 42.4 / 3.7 GHz4 MBRadeon 610M (RDNA 2 2 CU) @ 1.9 GHz8-15W

News Sources: Tom's Hardware, Coelacanth's Dream, Linux kernel

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