Driveclub Upcoming DLC Shows American Muscle and European Class in Best Visuals of This Gen


Evolutions Studios Driveclub is one of the most graphically rich games on the PS4 that we've ever seen. And given that the game is an exclusive to the console, this makes the case for buying the PS4 even stronger given that the console is selling at lower of retail price in the UK.  Moving onto news about the game itself, Driveclub has an a new DLC coming up which is releasing on the 29th of April according to Community Manager at Evolution Studios, Jamie Brayshaw. And we have some very amazing eye-catching screenshots to share with our viewers. You can check out the tweet below.

Driveclub New DLC Screenshots Show American Muscle in All its Glory

Jamie Brayshaw posted these screenshots onto his twitter page tagging these with the release of the upcoming DLC pack for Driveclub. The screenshots range from picture perfect American Muscle to a couple of amazing European rides that set the pace for the upcoming DLC pack for the game. The cars featuring in thee screenshots are the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, the Dodge Charger SRT8, the Jaguar XKR-S Coupé and the Volkswagen Design Vision GTI.

Check out the screenshots below and do tell us which one you find the most attractive.

Furthermore, if you're interested in checking out a comparison between Driveclub and Project CARS, you can see one here. Given the fact that there are these two game will go head to head in about 10 days from now when Project CARS makes its debut, this is pretty much as good as it gets in the racing arena (which is as negative as it can possibly go).

So enjoy your DLC pack for now, you have 10 days to enjoy it. Then probably, you'll be busy with Project CARS as soon as the 8th of May approaches.