Dragon Quest XI S To Feature Solo Adventures For All Party Members

Francesco De Meo
Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI S is going to include plenty of new content over the original PC and PS4 releases, such as solo adventures for all party members.

The Dragon Quest XI S Official Website has been recently updated with new information regarding these solo quests. According to the website, all party members will get their own adventure which will reveal new details on their personal stories. New characters will join them throughout their solo adventures.

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The Nintendo Switch release will come with an optional 2D mode, which was only available in the Nintendo 3DS release, fully orchestrated field and battle music, a fast-forward option to speed up combat, Japanese and English voiceovers and more. The publisher has yet to decide if the additional content will be added to the PS4 and PC releases.

Even without the additional content, Dragon Quest XI is an excellent traditional JRPG well worthy of your time.

It might be quite the leap going from Dragon Quest IX’s release on the Nintendo DS to XI on the PlayStation 4 for those of us folks outside of Japan, but the wait was certainly worth it. Yuji Horii and the team have once again shown why they’re the traditional kings of Japanese role-playing games. With a careful balancing curve that can take players from the beginning to the story’s end with the right amount of challenge, there’s a very delicate art to this style of turn-based JRPG that unfortunately hits a few low points in the story department. And now, players around the world can finally see for themselves why the series is so celebrated and why Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age marks the high point for this three-decade-long series.

Dragon Quest XI S launches on Nintendo Switch this September.

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