Dragon Ball Z Kakarot A New Power Awakens – Part 2 DLC New Video Shows Battle Between SSGSS Vegeta and Golden Frieza


New Dragon Ball Z Kakarot A New Power Awakens - Part 2 DLC video has been shared online, showcasing an intense battle between two iconic characters.

The new video, which can be watched below, shows a battle between Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta versus Golden Frieza.

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On this update of DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT – Frieza has been resurrected, and he's got a new form! Will Vegeta be able to stop the galactic emperor?

The A New Power Awakens - Part 2 DLC will include, alongside the intense battle shown in today's video, new content, and features, such as the new Z Combinations attacks, horde battles, and more.

“A New Power Awakens – Part 2,” the new downloadable content of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, will enrich the game with new horde battles of the Z Warriors against the Frieza Force!

Frieza and his squad are attacking the Earth. Be ready to fight a multitude of foes eager to wreck you! Z Warriors will be able to combine their attacks for a super powerful blow through the new “Z Combinations.”

“A New Power Awakens – Part 2” can only be acquired by purchasing the Season Pass, or the “A New Power Awakens Set” bundle.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One worldwide. The A New Power Awakens - Part 2 DLC release date will be announced on November 17th.

• Experience the story of DRAGON BALL Z from epic events to light-hearted side quests, including never-before-seen story moments that answer some burning questions of DRAGON BALL lore for the first time!

• Play through iconic DRAGON BALL Z battles on a scale unlike any other. Fight across vast battlefields with destructible environments and experience epic boss battles against the most iconic foes (Raditz, Frieza, Cell etc…). Increase your power level through RPG mechanics and rise to the challenge!

• Don’t just fight as Z Fighters. Live like them! Fish, fly, eat, train, and battle your way through the DRAGON BALL Z sagas, making friends and building relationships with a massive cast of DRAGON BALL characters.