tvOS 10 Beta Released – Here’s How To Download And Install


The first tvOS 10 beta is now available for Apple TV 4 users to download. We'll show you how you can load it up on your Apple TV 4.

tvOS 10 Beta 1 Arrives For All Apple TV 4 Developers With New And Exciting Features

Apart from iOS 10 and watchOS 3 betas, Apple also took the liberty of releasing tvOS 10 beta for Apple TV 4 developers. Just like its other software announced today, tvOS 10 is packed with a lot of great improvements and features that are bound to enhance the overall user experience as we move forward.

Downloading and installing tvOS 10 is a pretty straightforward process, but it requires a little patience and a cable or two in order to get things up and running. First and foremost, make sure you have a USB-C to Type-A cable at hand. You can easily buy one off Amazon, and they're quite cheap. Once you've sourced yourself a cable, simply plug in the Type-C end of the cable into your Apple TV unit, and the Type-A end into your computer's USB port.

Now head over to the Apple Developer Program website and sign in. Now click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles on the left, and then click on Apple TV. Read through the steps that are required in order to register your device's UDID with Apple. It won't take more than a couple of minutes if you read through the steps carefully.

Once you're done, go back to the main page of the Apple Developer Program website and click on 'Discover' at the top. Now click on 'tvOS.' Then click the blue 'Download' button at the top right hand corner. Now simply download the latest tvOS 10 restore image and restore it using iTunes. It's that simple. Also be sure to have Xcode 8 installed on your Mac before you go ahead with the process.

The restoration process won't take that long, and you'll be required to set everything up from scratch once your Apple TV 4 unit is done restoring to tvOS 10 beta. Hence make sure that you have your Apple ID username and password at hand so that things keep on rolling smoothly.

Just like any other beta software from Apple, tvOS 10 is stamped with a beta tag, hence it's not fit for use as a daily driver just yet. It's recommended that you either install tvOS 10 beta on a secondary Apple TV 4 unit you may have, or wait until at least three or four beta builds are released. The choice is absolutely yours what you want to end up doing.

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