Download: Pokemon GO 0.73.1 for Android & 1.43.1 for iOS Released – What’s New

Uzair Ghani
Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has just received an update and now sits at version 0.73.1 for Android and 1.43.1 for iOS users. Here's what is new in this release.

New Version of Pokemon GO is in the Process of Being Rolled Out - Here's Everything That is New

Despite the troubles the game went through a while back, Pokemon GO is still in the process of being updated regularly for mobile gamers. This ensures that everything remains top-notch at any given time. Today is no different either as Niantic has announced a new update to the game for both iOS and Android. The complete set of changes are listed below.

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Pokémon GO is in the process of being updated to version 0.73.1 for Android and 1.43.1 for iOS devices. Below are some release notes and comments from our development team.

-Added the ability for Trainers to spin the Photo Disc at a Gym using the Pokémon GO Plus accessory.

-Added the ability to view the number of Trainers entered, and preparing, for a Raid Battle before using a Raid Pass.

-Improved Pokémon Collection screen search functionality by allowing Trainers to search through their Pokémon’s moves using the @ character.

-Resolved a bug which caused the Raid Boss to always break free from the last Premier Ball.

-Resolved a bug that prevented Trainers from seeing they’d received double XP from Raid Battles when using a Lucky Egg.

-Various bug fixes.

Though the changes might not seem too big at first, but they will bode down well in the long run. For those in the ownership of the Pokemon GO Plus accessory, you can now spin the Photo Disc at the Gym with it. Using a Raid Pass you can now see the number of Trainers that have entered and are preparing for a Raid Battle. There are bug fixes thrown into the mix as well so you can rest assured that things will be more stable than ever before.

Pokemon GO is as free as ever and in-app purchases are available to those who require them at any given time. If you so wish, you can download the game from the links added below.

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