Latest Google Play Store APK Is Now Available [Download Link]


Google's latest Play Store APK is now out just days after the release of the last version. The latest version doesn't bring any visual changes to the Store following a comparatively large update to the Store last week that introduced bottom navigation bars, among other user interface tweaks. Link to download Play Store version 8.2.37 (which is just one build newer than the last release) has been shared below.

Download Play Store APK 8.2.37 - only offers stability

Google started to roll out the latest Play Store APK version 8.2.37 over the weekend. However, this version doesn't bring any noticeable changes or visual differences to the Store. The update sent right after the last version is expected to focus more on under-the-hood improvements. You can download the Play Store APK version 8.2.37 from the link shared later in this post. This release follows Play Store version 8.1.73, 8.1.74, 8.2.32, and version 8.2.36 sent out in the last month.

Download Play Store 12.3.19 APK Right Here – Google’s Latest Update!

Latest update to the Play Store follows a major update to the Play Store that saw the Store receiving a new navigation bar below the existing tabs, introducing nested bars - which isn't being liked by many. If you updated to the last version, you must be seeing these new navigational bars everywhere in the Play Store app unless you are inside an app listing or a search results screen.

You can now download the Play Store APK version 8.2.37. While it is recommended to wait for the official updates instead of installing APK files from the web, if you are comfortable with the process, here is the link to the latest version, weighing in at 18.51 MB.

Install it like any other APK and continue to receive updates from Google like you did before this installation. Users are recommended to keep the Play Store updated to the latest version to be sure that you are taking advantage of all the new changes, bug fixes, and framework improvements - not to forget important security updates that Google silently sends out to the Play Store.

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