Download OnePlus 3T Wallpapers for Your Phone Right Here

OnePlus 3T wallpapers

Just like OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T comes with its own unique wallpapers and if you want to decorate your smartphone’s home screen right away, then you can do so effortlessly by downloading the latest set of wallpapers originally intended for the newest Android flagship.

Download the Official OnePlus 3T Wallpapers in the Native Resolution of the Smartphone Itself

The official blog of designer Hampus Olsson shows the individual’s creative forte at work with the release of 5 new OnePlus 3T wallpapers. The designer is also responsible for creating dedicated 4K wallpapers for the OnePlus 3, so be sure to check them out whenever you get the time. If you want to check out more of his work, you can trot around his Instagram and see the level of efforts he has put in. As for OnePlus 3T, the smartphone sports a Snapdragon 821, making it slightly faster than OnePlus 3, while featuring the same amount of RAM as its predecessor.

Keep in mind that the wallpapers you want to view in the gallery feature a resolution of 1920 x 1080, so make sure that your smartphone sports a resolution of 1080p or lower otherwise the overall quality might degrade on a QHD panel. No edits have been made to these wallpapers or any form of touches, which you will find after you have applied them as your default wallpaper. If you want to get the ideal taste of these wallpapers and an affordable Android flagship, then you will have to wait until November 22, because that is the time when OnePlus 3T will officially start to ship out.


The base model of this smartphone starts from $439, while the higher storage capacity model, which features 128GB of internal memory will set you back by $479. How did you find the quality of these wallpapers? Tell us your thoughts right away.

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