Download Absolutely Stunning Wallpapers Coming with the New Microsoft Surface Devices (Direct Links)

Oct 7, 2019

Microsoft surprised everyone with its October 2 Surface event, releasing not only the upgrades for its existing Surface lineup, but also introducing the world to the future of computing through its dual-screen, folding laptop and phone. While the dual-screen Surface Neo and Surface Duo won't be coming to the public until the holiday season 2020, we already have seen some amazing reviews of Microsoft's Surface Pro 7 and Laptop 3.

Regardless of how enticing these new products look, I have always maintained that we don't actually need to upgrade our every single tech product every year. Right now, a late-2014 MacBook Pro is working as my primary machine (I know!), and except for the keyboard, I really don't have any complaints.

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That said, it does get boring to be stuck with the same devices for years on end. But who says we can't use some new wallpapers (and perhaps keyboard and laptop covers, too) to spruce them up. You can now download Surface wallpapers that are adorning the very latest Microsoft Surface machines to give your older devices some superficial new looks!

Download Surface Wallpapers (from Laptop 3 - Platinum)

2256 x 1504 (suitable for Laptop 2)

You can also get the above Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 wallpaper in the following resolutions:

Download Surface Laptop 3 Wallpaper - Blue

2256px x 1504px

You can also get the above Laptop 3 wallpaper in the following resolutions:

Surface Laptop 3 - Black

You can also get the above Surface Laptop 3 wallpaper in the following resolutions:

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Download Surface Pro 7 Wallpaper

2736 x 1824

You can also get the above Microsoft Surface Pro 7 wallpaper in the following resolutions:

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- All wallpapers courtesy of Wallpaperhub

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