Download and Install tvOS 10 Final on Apple TV


tvOS 10 final has been released for all Apple TV 4 users. Here's how you can download and install it straight away.

tvOS 10 Final Build Has Been Released - How to Install It No Time

On the promised date, tvOS 10 has been released, and users around the globe with an Apple TV 4 can download it straight away. But of course, rather than letting you do all the legwork, we will walk our readers through the over the air installation process in a few easy steps.

Simply pick up that Siri Remote, if you haven't lost it or broken it already, and let's dive right into the process of updating to tvOS 10.

Install tvOS 10 Final on Apple TV

1. Open the Settings app from your home screen.

2. Now select 'System.'

3. Now simply select 'System Updates' and download anything that is available for your Apple TV.

Since the Apple TV 4 packs powerful innards therefore the download and installation process won't take that long to go through. But that doesn't absolutely mean you tinker around with the device while things are in progress. So please, do not touch your Apple TV during the update process.

Once the installation is complete your Apple TV 4 unit will restart automatically and boot back up. After that you can use your set top box as you normally would. Simple, wasn't it?

tvOS 10 is an incremental update but does pack in some changes that would appease certain Apple TV users. For starters, there's a new Dark Mode baked into the OS that lightens down the UI elements so that things are less straining on the eye in the dark. Secondly, tvOS 10 comes with changes to the Music app as well, reflecting the feature additions that have been packed into iOS 10.

If you're currently running the original build of tvOS on your Apple TV then we highly recommend going for the upgrade without any hesitation. The new release simply enhances what is already there and means no harm at all, obviously. We're quite certain TV fans are going to love this update in a lot of ways.

Download tvOS 10 final for Apple TV.

Wrap Up

We will be back with a complete step by step guide on how to install tvOS 10 final on your Apple TV using iTunes. This will erase everything off your device giving you a clean installation of tvOS 10 to play around with.

Let us know in the comments section below what you think about tvOS 10, and whether or not you are going to upgrade to it. After all, it's absolutely free.

Here's our clean install guide: How to Clean Install tvOS 10 Final on Apple TV Using iTunes.