Apple’s Free App Of The Week Is Infinity Blade III – Download It Now!


The iOS App Store is packed to the rafters with great and stunning games, and while many titles stand out from a huge crowded bunch, there are some that have cemented themselves as strong titles in the eyes of a gamer. And without a doubt, Infinity Blade III is one of those titles, with said game now a part of Apple's free App of the Week initiative, and can be downloaded absolutely free without having to toss a dime.


Infinity Blade III for iOS Goes Free For The First Time Ever

The Infinity Blade saga is a solid series of games that features stunning graphics and gameplay like no other title on the App Store. The original release, which came out in 2010, sparked a new era in gaming and has seen two sequels come out so far, with Infinity Blade III being the final one in the series that is currently available to download.

Infinity Blade III comes packed with non-stop action and is topped off with stunning graphics, ensuring that gamers get their fix no matter where they are. The title commands a price of $6.99 usually and directly falls into the category of premium mobile games. But today, courtesy of Apple, you can grab the title absolutely free for one whole week, and we suggest you smash that download button right away before the offer is taken down!

From the App Store:

The award-winning Infinity Blade video game trilogy reaches its epic conclusion!

Created by ChAIR Entertainment, the original iOS blockbuster returns with adrenaline-fueled sword-fighting action, gorgeous visuals, and a thrilling story of love, betrayal, and redemption.

Siris and Isa have joined with the God-King Raidriar in a desperate attempt to destroy the Worker of Secrets and his army of Deathless titans. Uncover new mysteries to wield the power of the Infinity Blade in this timeless adventure of champions and villains.

It's also worth noting here that it's the first time ever that Infinity Blade III has gone free on the App Store, giving users a perfect chance to snap up the title and see for themselves what the fuss is all about surrounding this marvelous game.



You can download Infinity Blade III for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from here. And yes, in case you're wondering, the title is a universal one, hence it will work across all your iOS devices regardless of the screen size.

What are you waiting for? Download away. And be sure to let us know in the comments section below what you think about the game itself.