Adobe Lightroom App For iPhone, iPad Now Absolutely Free To Use – Download Links


Adobe Lightroom apps for iPhone and iPad both are now absolutely free to download and use. You can grab both of them right here.

Adobe Lightroom

A few days ago, Adobe made a bunch of announcements, revealing many changes to its products and services lineup. But during those announcements the company tossed in a great surprise of making the Lightroom apps for iPhone and iPad free. Now, the thing is, the apps were free before as well, but they were limited period trials. Apart from that, if you had a legit desktop license for Lightroom or a Creative Cloud subscription, then the mobile apps could be used absolutely free.

But the Lightroom apps for iPhone and iPad do not require any of that from now on. You just grab them from the App Store and start using them without worrying about anything else.

Adobe Lightroom Does Not Require A License Or Subscription Anymore; Can Be Used Freely


In case you're wondering what Lightroom is, then here's a quick excerpt from the App Store description of the software itself:

Bring beautiful images to light with Adobe Lightroom. Powered by the magic of Adobe Photoshop technology, Lightroom for mobile enables you to craft and share professional-quality images from your smartphone or tablet.

In other words, Lightroom is a powerful, Photoshop-grade tool by Adobe for touching up your photos and adding new life to them by adjusting several key aspects. For instance, you have at your disposal a bunch of powerful shadows and highlights adjusting tools, a tool for adjusting the white balance and whatnot. In other words, the app is packed to the gills with a lot of great features that will allow you to give your images that professional look.

The Lightroom app even features an in-app Adobe camera, which allows you to take photos on the fly and edit them there and then, assuring that you don't miss an important moment if you're out and about shooting those beautiful landscapes or portraits.


The Adobe Lightroom apps are available for iPhone and iPad both, but strangely enough, the app is not universal, so you have to download the software twice in order to make it work on both your smartphone and tablet. We really wish the app was universal however, to make things more streamlined. But hey, we're getting a pro editing tool for free, hence we can't complain on that front one bit.

You can download Adobe Lightroom for iPhone from here, and iPad from here.