Downgrade To iOS 8.2 From iOS 8.3 – How To

Ali Salman

As you all know about Apple's recent update to iOS 8.3, it seems the company is holding a tradition to release updates with outages. There seems to be problem with the Touch ID authentication in the App Store while downloading apps or making purchases. Nonetheless, if you have been a victim to this problem, you might wish to go back to the previous version of iOS. So we are here to tell you a way by which you can downgrade your iOS 8.3 to iOS 8.2.

Even though Apple introduced a handful of features in its recent update, the problem prevails with the Touch ID. If we consider the rules, you may not be able to downgrade your iOS but since Apple is still signing its previous iOS 8.2 firmware, there is still a chance that you can skip this update. Do take note that if Apple stopped signing iOS 8.2 firmware then you will be stuck with the recent update. So make sure you do it quick.

Downgrade Your iOS 8.3 To iOS 8.2 With These Simple Steps

Lets begin the downgrade process by first backing p your device in case of any issue that might erase your sensitive data. Everyone of you might know the backup process, for those who don't you can do this by going to iTunes. Apart from any mishaps, this process will most likely to erase your data.

Now, the initial downgrade process begins. Go to this website and download the IPSW for iOS 8.2 for the device that you want to downgrade. The files may be heavy in terms of size reaching out to 1.5GB and 2GB so it might take a while depending upon the connection speed.

When you have downloaded the IPSW file to you PC or Mac, head over to iTunes then device summary and press and hold the Shift key if you're using Windows and Option/Alt key on Mac. Keep holding the keys and click on Restore on iTunes.

Moving on, locate the IPSW file that you downloaded previously and then open it. After this, the restoration process will begin and iOS 8.2 will be installed on your device. When the restoration process will complete, your device will be as good as new internally running the clean iOS 8.2 version.

The downgrade process is complete and if you want to restore your backed up date, go to device summary again and click on Restore Backup. Your device will be restored on your data and that's that. You now own an iOS 8.2 version. That's all for now folks, do comment and share your views if it worked on you.

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