Doom Will Include Weapon Mods, High On-Screen Enemy Count, Backtracking For Secrets And More


Doom, the new entry of the classic first person series developed by id Software, has yet to receive a final release date but, with the game launching this year on consoles and PC, more details on it have started to surface online. Some brand new Doom details have come in thanks to the latest issue of the magazine Game Informer.

The magazine has revealed in its latest issue plenty of very interesting details on Doom, such as the ability to use mods for weapons, like a remote detonation mod for the rocket launcher, what seems to be a really high on-screen enemy count, described as a "demon avalanche", permanent character upgrades, like ones that increase ammo and health capacity and more. Those who like exploring will also be happy to know that Doom will include colored keycards, backtracking and plenty of secrets to find.

The full Game Informer coverage has yet to surface online, but NeoGAF forum member kinaesthete has provided an informative summary of the coverage. You can find it right below.

  • BFG and Chainsaw aren't on the weapon wheel since they're used in specific scenarios, Chainsaw is on D-Pad down and BFG is on X. Seems like they're treating the BFG as a panic button.
  • Weapons have mods you can find, ex. a remote detonation mod for the rocket launcher
  • Plot premise seems similar to Doom 3. A character named Dr. Olivia Pierce appears on a video suggesting she unleashed the demons as some kind of religious cult thing.
  • On-screen enemy count isn't numbered but described as "a demon avalanche", "bloodbath"
  • Chainsaw is a one hit kill on most enemies, multiple on bigger enemies like the Mancubus, power cells are limited
  • Colored keycards and backtracking for secrets. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Some locations: Lazarus Facility, Martian surface, Titan's Realm (as seen on the cover)
  • Permanent character upgrades that allow you to swap weapons and mantle more quickly, increase ammo and health capacity
  • Swappable perk "runes", ex. one gives you a stackable temp speed boost after melee kills
  • Hell is more vertical than the UAC facility
  • Enemies have weak point, ex. the pinky demon is armored in front and soft in the butt
  • An enemy type only described as "a summoner"
  • As suspected, idTech 6 appears to be very similar to idTech 5 but with a completely new PBR renderer
  • Plans to offer "sliders and multi-sampling options" for PC players. Only time in the article PC is mentioned specifically.
  • Multiplayer mode called Warpath, an domination style mode where the control area drifts around the map
  • Clan Arena mode, this is just team Last Man Standing.
  • Swappable "hack modules" are earned through MP progression, ex. Supply Timer that shows spawn timers for pickups on screen. Apparently none of them throw off the competitive balance.
  • Apparently multiplayer has more guns than single player, including a "lightning gun", this might be GI assuming based on what was offered in the demo portions though.
  • Namedrops of old Doom WADs followed by statement implying that they won't be releasing mod tools outside of SnapMap because of accessibility consoles. seems like kind of a big fuck you.
  • Examples of modes made in SnapMap: tower defense, moddy single-player missions, VIP escorts, racing challenges
  • Moddable enemy AI to some extent
  • SnapMap stuff is all shared on SmartHub, categories like top rated and most played, user profiles, seems a lot like Mario Maker
  • All SnapMap creations are small instruction files, you can probably forget about custom textures and rooms and whatnot
  • Still spring release date

Doom will be released on a yet to be confirmed release date on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Amazon France is currently listing the game with a June 30th release date, but it has yet to be confirmed officially by the publisher.