DOOM Switch Patch 1.1.1 Released; Adds Gyro Aiming and New Home Menu Icon


DOOM Switch patch 1.1.1 has been deployed and adds motion/gyro aiming to the game on Nintendo’s latest platform.

The patch also updates the game’s home menu icon on the Switch. We’ve included a shot from this new icon alongside some new gameplay featuring motion aiming down below (courtesy of resetera user ‘Jahranimo’):

New DOOM Switch Update Being Released This Month; Includes Menu Fixes, Audio Fixes and More

DOOM Switch patch 1.1.1 gameplay with gyro aiming

The new home icon introduced with the 1.1.1 update and new controller settings

Bethesda already promised that a new Switch update would be released this month, but gyro aiming support wasn’t directly mentioned by the publisher. “We’ll be releasing an upcoming patch for #DOOM on #NintendoSwitch this month”, Bethesda wrote on Twitter earlier this month. “We’ll provide full patch notes – covering audio issues, menu fixes, and more – as we get closer to release.”

DOOM Switch was released for the Switch back in November of 2017. You can read our review right here. DOOM is also available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.