DOOM Looks And Runs Great On Xbox One, Game Features A Lot Of Well Hidden Secrets


The DOOM series is ready to make its glorious comeback with the new entry launching later this week in all regions on consoles and PC. A few lucky fans have already managed to get their hands on DOOM, and some of them shared some new details on the game which should make fans even more excited.

NeoGAF forums member Mdk7, who has managed to get an early copy of the Xbox One release, has revealed that the game looks very good on Microsoft's home console, with a lot of detail and great effects. The game's performance also seems to be quite solid, with the game running at 60 FPS with very few slowdowns, mostly occurring when loading a new area. There seems to be some tearing, unfortunately, but the game overall looks amazing, according to Mdk7

The graphics on Xbox One are really, really good. The world is detailed, rich and with lots of great effects all around, and thanks to the absolutely solid art direction the overall effect is honestly truly impressive. Even more considering that the game runs at 60 FPS, with no apparent slowdowns whatsoever (except for maybe one or two minor occasions while loading a new area, but absolutely never in combat). Unfortunately though the tearing is back (as it was in the Alpha), and it's definitely visible.

Mdk7 has also shared his opinions on the DOOM gameplay experience, which he thinks is going to be divisive. The game has plenty of exploration in the vein of first person shooters from the past, with plenty of collectibles and some very interesting hidden secret areas. The description of these secret area includes some spoilers, so read at your own risk.

[spoiler] There is a lot of exploration: the levels are frankly pretty huge, elaborate and absolutely full of secrets. Lots of collectibles, data and power ups to find, and once per mission even some vey well hidden sections taken straight from the original Doom, with the graphics suddenly changing and becoming like the dream section seen in Wolfenstein TNO, to give you that sweet retro feeling (even if the enemy models will stay the same).[/spoiler]

Mdk7 has also expressed some doubts about the game's pacing. Players will have to explore areas which feels kind of empty, and then get assaulted by waves of enemies. The E3 demo with the Hell setting is apparently pretty representative of the general feel of the game, with players having to take advantage of their surroundings in different ways to survive the hellish hordes.

The pacing and the way combat happens is honestly a bit weird, and I think that not everyone will enjoy this: you basically explore areas that are/feel more or less empty, then you get to certain points and... BAM! you fight like hell. Basically, enemies start spawning around you almost in waves, and you have to survive and kill them all to move on. Mind that you are not constrained in a small area (like a single room), yet the fight happens in a particular (and usually not so small) place, so you will definitely experience a bit of an arena-like feel. In that sense, the E3 demo with the Hell setting is really representative of the whole experience: the level is there at your disposal, and you have to be smart to use it at your advantage: some of the creatures will chase you, other will wait for you, others will keep jumping here and there... And you will have to simply bring mayhem all around, traversing the level at full speed, double jumping all over, hiding for just a couple of seconds inside a grotto, finding power ups and shells that are there to assist you in your massacre.

DOOM launches later this week, on May 13th, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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