DOOM Eternal New Mod Greatly Improves Particle Effects

DOOM Eternal

A new DOOM Eternal mod bringing noticeable visuals improvements has been released online today.

The Particle 9000 mod improves particle effects considerably, increasing both duration and number of effects. The mod impacts performance minimally, between 1 and 5 FPS depending on the scene.

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What This Mod Does: Increases the duration and amount of particle effects for all player weapons and several explosion effects while also increasing the light radius of all player weapon lights to make them feel more dynamic/interactive with the environment.

For this mod, I highly recommend disabling the in-game anti-aliasing as it greatly reduces the quality of particles and translucent effects like fire, smoke, etc by adding large amounts of ghosting and blurriness.

A couple of videos showcasing the DOOM Eternal Particle 9000 mod and why anti-aliasing has to be removed for the best possible results have also been released. You can find them right below.

DOOM Eternal received plenty of new mods in the past few weeks, bringing visual improvements to the game, such as the DeLighter and the Restore Graphical Effects mods.

What This Mod Does: Makes the game lighting much more realistic by removing and/or tweaking the fake spot lights on the player and on enemies. Gets the graphics a bit closer to Doom 2016/QuakeCon 2018 Demo with no performance hit.

Why: It looks like id heard the feedback that Doom 2016 was too dark. Unfortunately, they went too far in the other direction and added so many bright lights on the player and enemies that they look very out of place from the environment. This, in my opinion, ruins the great atmospheric lighting in the game, so I decided to remove it.

DOOM Eternal is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One worldwide. The game will release on Nintendo Switch on a yet to be confirmed release date.

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