DOOM Eternal First Gameplay Overhaul Increases Ammo Capacities, Cuts Cost of Weapon Upgrades and More

DOOM Eternal

The very first DOOM Eternal gameplay overhaul mod has been released online recently, introducing some gameplay tweaks meant to make the experience more fun.

The mod developed by gladis9 introduces increased ammo capacity upgrades, improves double jump, reduced cost for weapon upgrades, and more.

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- Many weapon upgrade costs reduced, the faster you unlock skills the faster you can experiment with them in the sandbox.
- Ammo capacity upgrades increased roughly 50%, more shooting less looting.
- Armor capacity upgrades increased to 50 (25 originally), buffed because most people skip this upgrade.
- Armor pickups buffed while Ammo pickups more common.
- Height of double jump slightly increased, amazing when paired with air control.

The new DOOM Eternal gameplay overhaul mod also brings tweaks to weapons.

Assault Rifle - Slower firing rate with increased damage so you can waste less ammo and retain accuracy.
Plasma Rifle - Transformed into a semi-automatic rifle to accommodate for lack of pistol and provide variety to arsenal.
Chaingun - Faster rate of fire.
Shotgun - Moderately faster rate of fire, increased damage.
Double Barrel - Increased damage.
- Alternate firing modes of most weapons listed above buffed.

You can learn more about the first DOOM Eternal gameplay overhaul mod by heading over to Nexus Mods.

Plenty of DOOM Eternal mods have been released in the past few weeks. A couple of days back, a very useful mod that removes the low-health red screen tint has been released online, considerably improving visibility while in low-health. The same modder released, earlier this month, a mod that improves particle effects.

Increases the duration and amount of particle effects for all player weapons and several explosion effects while also increasing the light radius of all player weapon lights to make them feel more dynamic/interactive with the environment.

DOOM Eternal is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One worldwide. The game will also launch on Nintendo Switch on a yet to be confirmed release date.

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