Doom 2’s First Map, Silent Hill 4 & Saw Bathroom Scene Recreated in Unreal Engine 4

YouTube’s ‘club4ghz’ has recreated various environments from Doom 2, Silent Hill and Saw in Unreal Engine 4. club4ghz was planning in optimizing the Doom 2 map further nut he received a C&D letter from Bethesda. He released an alpha version of it though which can be downloaded from here.

club4ghz’ PC Specs are as follows:

GPU: EVGA GTX 780 Ti 1150 / 3850 Mhz
CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K 4.5 Ghz
DDR: 8 GB G.SKILL Sniper Series

club4ghz’ Doom 2 environment certainly gets us salivating for the first public reveal of the new Doom next month at E3 2015. Unreal Engine 4 makes Doom 2 look absolutely awesome, but surely iD Tech 6 will be no slouch either.

Other notable Unreal Engine 4 projects include the gorgeous Absention, a new survival horror title inspired by true survival horror greats such as Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness and Silent Hill so fans can expect a mixture of mental challenge, intense gameplay, and immersive environments.

Ad Infinitum is a first-person survival horror adventure set in a surreal world during WWI. It is built on the Unreal Engine 4 and is currently under development for the PC.

We will bring you any new information on Unreal Engine 4 projects as well as on the new Doom from E3 2015 as soon as it becomes available.



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