Donald Trump Still Using Unsecured Android Phone – And That’s Downright Dangerous


Last week, we reported about how every US president had to give up his personal phone for a secured one provided by secret agencies. Following the presidential legacy, we expected the Trump to give up on his phone perhaps he was already reported to be using the secure phone instead of his personal Samsung smartphone. However, new reports state that Trump has not entirely given up on his old phone and is still using it for personal tasks. Now, that could pose as a big loophole in his security and privacy.

The President of the United States has always been a figure bestowed with great power and responsibility. Trump must not look away from the guidelines that urge him to keep himself limited to a secure and customised phone because national level information is at stake. Malware and Phishing schemes are already on the rise these days, and it won't be surprising to see a hacker trying to break into Trump's unsecured device.

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Putting aside the political agendas, we think that this move by Trump is technologically harmful. Even though Android as a platform has been made safer with each passing year but for a public figure like Trump, a  smartphone with consumer grade security would be risky to use. Someone like Trump could be a big bounty for paid and sponsored hackers, even groups of hackers who are smart enough to pull off big hacks.

All the operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows, and others have loopholes. That is why every update for these operating systems comes with "security patches." Sometimes these patches ultimately result in third-party access to your device, mostly internally but you never know when a hacker gets into the game as well.

For someone as famous and influential as the president of the United States, using a phone with consumer grade security could be dangerous. Even though Trump uses that phone for just his personal work not related to the country decisions or politics, even then he is exposing a lot of information.

Even Obama was allowed to use his personal phone, but he had to give it up for testing and modifications first. If Trump can't let go of his old phone, then he must at least provide it for testing and adjustments for security.