The Division DLC Will Be Exclusive To Xbox One For 30 Days, Open Beta Trailer Released


During E3 2014, it was confirmed that The Division, the upcoming third person shooter game developed by Ubisoft launching next month, was going to get additional content on Xbox One first. Nothing has been said on how long this timed exclusivity will be, but today more on the matter has come in, and it's not good news for those getting the game on PlayStation 4 and PC.

The Division

According to what has been said in a GameStop promotional video which has been made available yesterday, The Division DLC packs will be exclusive to Xbox One for 30 days. While it was known that Xbox One was going to get DLC packs for the game earlier than PS4 and PC, it's still disappointing to know that some players will have to wait for so long.

In just a few hours, The Division open beta is finally going live on Xbox One, with the PlayStation 4 and PC ones going live in two days, on February 18th. Yesterday it's been confirmed that the open beta will come with some new story missions that weren't available in the closed beta. A new trailer showcasing this new content has also been made available today, and you can check it out right below.

If you're craving for some The Division action, you may want to check out another gameplay video that has been made available earlier today. The video, which comes with a 1440p quality options, showcases gameplay sequences set in the Dark Zone, an area where players will be able to compete with others in PvP matches and obtain the best loot of the game.

The Division will launch on March 7th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.