The Division Beta Files Include Brooklyn Folder, Might Be Starting Area


Ever since the game's reveal, we have known that The Division, the soon to be released third person shooter developed by Ubisoft, is going to be set in New York during a terrible crisis instigated by a smallpox pandemic, and players will be able to explore some of the more important parts of the city such as Manhattan. It's previously been confirmed that a few areas such as Brooklyn, Long Island and State Island won't be included in the game at launch, but it seems like one of them might still be featured in the final version of the game.

Earlier today reddit user itsgamerdoc has discovered a Brooklyn folder in the beta's files. There's very little data in the folder, especially when compared to the Manhattan folder, so there's the chance that Brooklyn will be the starting area, which has not been included in the closed beta, or a special area that can be accessed only during specific missions. The area is apparently not going to be released as DLC, according to creative director Julien Gerighty, so if Brooklyn is really going to be in, it will probably be as a smaller area.

New information of The Division has emerged online a few days ago thanks to a new interview. According to one Ubisoft Massive developer, it will be possible for console users to choose between better frame rate and better lighting. The developer has also confirmed how the team had to keep it the PC version of The Division in check with the consoles so to not push it too far away from them.

The Division will be released next month on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. An open beta is apparently getting held next week so we will surely learn more about the game very soon.