The Division 1.2 Rope-Cutting Mechanic Gets New Details, Stash Increase Discussed

The Division

Yesterday, Ubisof Massive has revealed some new details on the next The Division free update, which will include a new Incursion and some new features. Among the new features confirmed for the update yesterday is a new rope-cutting mechanic for the Dark Zone, which will allow players to steal loot from others before it's safely recovered. Not much has been said about this new mechanic, but today more on it has surfaced online.

Earlier today, Ubisoft Massive's Hamish Bode has confirmed during a livestream on The Division Official Twitch channel that it will require players 6 seconds to successfully cut a rope and steal loot. Trying to cut the rope, though, will give players a 19 second rogue status timer, with a full 90 second timer being given once the rope has been successfully cut.

Today, Hamish Bode has also talked about a change that many have been asking for some time, even more so after yesterday's confirmation of new gear sets coming to The Division next week with the new update. Apparently, a bigger stash is one of the features that the team wants to implement in the future, but it's not done right now so it's unlikely that it will be coming in next week's update.

As already mentioned, The Division 1.2 update will include a new Incursion called Clear Sky, which will pit Division Agents against Rikers, challenging players to take back a formerly LMB-controller anti-air site. Ubisoft Massive will be showing more of the new Incursion tomorrow at 10:00 AM PDT on The Division Twitch Channel.

The Division is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The 1.2 update will be released on May 24th on all formats and in all regions.

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