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JavaScript Masterclass Bundle

All programmers would agree that the web’s most popular programming language is JavaScript. It is a great skill to attach to your portfolio, however, it is no easy language to conquer. Wccftech is here to help and is offering you an amazing discount offer on the JavaScript Masterclass Bundle. The bundle is your answer to excelling at this language!

JavaScript Masterclass Bundle features

This 89-hour course bundle includes 8 very comprehensive courses. Each course has a unique aspect to offer and is taught by an expert instructor with years of industry experience. Here are highlights of what the deal has to offer:

  • Complete Web Developer Course
    Build 10 Websites From Scratch to Supercharge Your Portfolio
  • JavaScript Power Up: 16 Complete Projects from Scratch
    Learn How to Create Dynamic & Interactive Content with JavaScript
  • JavaScript ES6 Fundamentals 2018
    Get Familiar with the New JavaScript ES6 Syntax & Start Building Web Pages Today
  • JavaScript Core Concepts
    Cover the Basics of JavaScript
  • Learn jQuery Fundamentals
    Get Started with JavaScript's Most Popular Library
  • JavaScript Objects
    Explore Ways to Utilize Data Using JavaScript Objects
  • Beginner's Guide to Learning JSON with JavaScript
    Explore the Data Exchange Format That Rules Today's Internet
  • AJAX Information Application
    Use AJAX to Get Data From Popular APIs & Output it On Your Websites

This bundle is brought to you by Laurence Svekis. You must have heard this name before because this person is an expert who has been providing smart digital solutions since 2001. He is an expert on a wide range of digital areas including Search Marketing, Content Creation, Video Marketing, User Experience, application architecture and web programming. He has helped millions of users all around the world with his expertise and he aims to continue doing this. His applications have helped various users on multiple platforms and his expertise and knowledge cannot be denied.

Original Price JavaScript Masterclass Bundle: $1600
Wccftech Discount Price JavaScript Masterclass Bundle: $39

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