Get The Choice of Games Interactive Story Bundle For An Amazing Discount Offer With Wccftech Deals


One can never run out of games. If you have a passion for gaming, then you must always be on the look out for amazing games that set you on unique adventures. Wccftech has something similar to offer to all gaming fans out there. Get an amazing discount offer on the Choice of Games Interactive Story Bundle. The offer will expire in a couple of days so avail it today!

Choice of Games Interactive Story Bundle features

The bundle includes five text-based games and each game has something unique to offer. The decisions you take during the game will form a unique story and you will thoroughly enjoy the interactive gaming experience. The games have been designed by gaming experts, so you will definitely enjoy each game. Here are highlights of what the Choice of Games Interactive Story Bundle includes:

  • Choice of Robots
    Shape the Future as a Brilliant Robot Creator
  • Choice of Rebels: Uprising
    Guide the Direction of Your Rebellion & Overthrow an Oppressive Empire
  • Heroes Rise: The Prodigy
    Become a Legendary Hero in This Interactive Adventure
  • Choice of the Deathless
    Find Love, Build Your Career & Experience a Mysterious Undead World in This Interactive Romantic Thriller
  • Choice of the Pirate
    Set Sail for Treasure, Glory & Adventure in This Interactive Story
  • Heroes Rise: The Prodigy Perfect Legend Guide
    Get Detailed Instructions for Achieving the Perfect Legend Score in Heroes Rise: The Prodigy

You will have lifetime access to all the games and hence you can enjoy them whenever you want. The discount offer is an amazing 30% off, so you should definitely avail it right away. All you need is a desktop computer and you are good to go. You can read up more about this bundle on our site. Don’t hesitate to invest. A deal like this doesn’t come every day. Happy Shopping!

Original Price Choice of Games Interactive Story Bundle: $28.94
Wccftech Discount Price Choice of Games Interactive Story Bundle: $19.99