DICE Level Artist Reacts On Angry Joe’s Battlefront Rant; Truth Bending & Tiring


DICE’s level artist Daniel Cambrand has taken to Twitter to react on Angry Joe’s recent Battlefront Season Pass rant video. According to Cambrand, Joe's rant video is highly unimpressive and wrong on many facts.

Angry Joe posted his latest ‘rant’ video a few days ago, and is rather angry about Battlefront’s season pass plans. Joe accuses EA DICE for not including all of the content at launch, and saving it to release on a later date to increase revenue. According to Joe, EA should have chosen to release Battlefront at a later date with all of the season pass content included.

Joe Vargas is known for being rather 'expressional', and while some gamers tend to love his videos, Cambrand states that Angry Joe is wrong on so many aspects. According to the DICE designer, Joe is outright guessing and rants like he knows. Cambrand adds that he thinks it's, in fact, tiring and cliché.

Nothing has been left out according DICE's level artist

daniel cambrand

Cambrand adds that Joe is bending the truth to get headlines.  Nothing has been cut out off Battlefront, according the DICE designer. He feels it's bothersome that people think that DICE is withholding content from fans.


Cambrand continues by commenting that DICE has been working really hard to get as much content in there as possible, but getting all of the season pass content in would mean the game would get delayed by a ton.

Like all games lately, Battlefront will have a deluxe edition as well. This deluxe edition includes additional content which isn't available in the standard edition. This content includes 5 in-game items. Cambrand was asked why EA has been advertising this deluxe version with 'extra' content, if nothing has been cut from the game. Cambrand replied that making people aware of upcoming content doesn't reflect anything on its status.

Joe also commented on Twitter, accusing DICE of using the Battlefront name for a simple reboot of the series with limited content.

According to Joe, DICE shouldn't have used the Battlefront title as this comes with expectations.

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